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Cheshire Cat Orlando Julius Canova Caterpillar Elise Pekarek Mad Hatter Christopher Swaim March Hare Jordan Moser Dormouse Chelsea Marie Renner Gerber Daisies Victoria Barbieri, Zerleanah Buhrig, Katie Alice Chong, Nya Mitchell, Nadia Saba, Sofi Savarese, Sakura Willingham, Amanda Wolff Intermission Act II QUEEN’S GARDEN PARTY AND CROQUET GAME Card gardeners have accidentally planted white roses in the Queen’s garden. Alice is invited by the Queen to play a very different game of croquet using Flamingo mallets and Hedgehogs as croquet balls.

Blaming the Hedgehogs for losing the match, the Queen proclaims, “off with their heads.” Alice saves the Hedgehogs and the angry Queen chases her into the forest.

He quickly leaps into a rabbit hole; Alice follows. Alice lands with a thud in a hallway filled with closed doors.

She drinks a potion and grows quite tall; she fans herself and shrinks quite small.

The Dodo Bird decides the best way to get everyone dry is to dance a Caucus Race.

Dormouse Chelsea Marie Renner Dodo Bird Kevin Murdock-Waters Eaglet Oren Porterfield Flamingos Amanda Black, Abby Chen, Nicole Del Bene, Katherine Deuitch, Constance Doyle, Hailey Dupont, Courtney Holland, Rebecca Johnson, Madeline Mass, Grace Morton, Brittany Strickland, Cassia Wilson Baby Flamingos Shakti Anthony, Aleksandra Belov, Lauren Buerger, Caroline Marie Carper, Parmida Jamali, Katelyn Merritt, Willow Mueller, Liliana Romriell Four Flamingos Rebecca Johnson, Grace Morton, Brittany Strickland, Cassia Wilson PIG AND PEPPER Alice comes upon a Fish footman who is delivering an invitation to the Queen of Hearts’ croquet game to the Frog footman who works for the Duchess. The Duchess is agitated because the Cook has put too much pepper into the soup.

Through a keyhole, the tiny Alice catches her first glimpse of the evil Queen of Hearts.

When Alice eats a bit of cake and returns to normal size she can no longer fit through the tiny door that leads to the wondrous world. Bethany Large Doors James Fuller, Matthew Gattozzi, Julian Goodwin-Ferris, Jake Howard, Paul Martin, Leo Mc Grath, Preston Andrew Patterson Small Doors Kathryn Archacki, Moira Barta, Jazlyn de la Rosa Creasey, Hadley Norris, Henry Schaefer, Jessica Tan, Katie Tarin Key Emma Malouf Queen of Hearts Aara Krumpe POOL OF TEARS AND THE CAUCUS RACE Frightened and confused, Alice cries a pool of tears. Then a Dodo Bird, an Eaglet and a flock of Flamingos plop into the pool.

She is mesmerized by the mysterious and quirky Lewis Carroll, a family friend, who takes Alice on a boat ride and picnic in the country.

Alice reflects on her amazing journey with the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Tweedle Twins.

The languid group is suddenly threatened by the ultimate danger: the Queen’s Jabberwock. Tweedle Dum Edward Carr Tweedle Dee Oliver Greene-Cramer THE TRIAL AND HOME AGAIN Back at the Queen’s palace, Alice is arrested and put on trial for her crime.

Alice Jaime Lynn Witts Mother Aara Krumpe Father Paul Michael Bloodgood Twin Sisters Elise Pekarek, Brittany Strickland Butler Ian J.

Bethany Grandfather Jordan Moser Grandmother Chelsea Marie Renner Lewis Carroll Christopher Swaim Guys in White Orlando Julius Canova, Edward Carr, Matthew Gattozzi, Julian Goodwin-Ferris, Oliver Greene-Cramer, Jake Howard, Paul Martin, Leo Mc Grath, Preston Andrew Patterson DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE During their picnic, Lewis Carroll begins telling Alice an astounding story of a little girl’s adventures in a wonderland. The nervous Rabbit checks his pocket watch because he’s late.

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