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At the Interlochen Center for the Arts, band camp isn’t just for pimply teens.Their dedicated adult band camp program is chock full of amazing ensemble work and master classes that will definitely have you reminiscing once you’re back home.

This seven-day course, ideally done in pairs, will result in a beautiful craft ready for endless summer adventures.

A four-day adventure through some of Long Island’s finest vineyards is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. Camp Bonfire: Remember that amazing feeling of leaving with twenty pen pals after just a few days of camp?

Plus, you get to take home an entire case of wine after the camp is over. Well, at Camp Bonfire, making connections is what it’s all about.

All adults are welcome, from, “I just started this year,” to “I’m quite proficient,” and including, “Whew, I haven’t played in years! Everywhere you walk, past the lodge, past the waterfront, past the rehearsal hall, you hear music floating on the breeze. ” The practice cabins are filled with scales and work on tough spots, rehearsals are in progress, there is a pickup soccer game, tennis on the courts, swimmers and canoes are on the lake, and people are reading or chatting on the porch with that second cup of coffee. ) and, instead, enter the image of propping your feet up on the railing, staring out at the lake and sipping your coffee.

” There will be two concert bands, a novice/intermediate group and an intermediate/advanced group as well as two swing bands – no auditions; you choose what is best for you. Here is my official “Note from the Director”: Pull out some memories of when you were a child at summer music camp… Then you head off to rehearsal on that Mozart piece, then a seminar on Jazz History, followed by a bit of time in the practice cabin to work out that difficult lick before ensemble rehearsal, then before dinner you join your new friends for a happy hour back on that same porch! Join us as we kick off the inaugural season of New Horizons at New England Music Camp!

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