Carbon dating webcomic

Though some plot is predictable but really, it is so enjoyable.I love how je soo ho trying so hard to get shin bo nui and how hard he tried to make her stay with him. Both Je Soo Ho and Shim Bo Nui really makes it not cheesy at all, seem lovely, and so believable.He tackles a lot of interesting scientific topics, and links to lots of interesting articles and videos in his author commentary. However, at times, his frustration with the misconceptions and those who hold them can leak thru, and might be off-putting to some readers.But, I guess those who would be offended probably aren’t his target audience anyways :) Closing Thoughts: is fun, funny, educational, engaging, interesting, other positive adjectives, etc.

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At that time, Bo-Nui was standing right outside of the hospital and crying. The fortune teller knew all about her situation without Bo-Nui saying anything.The chemistry between him and bonui so great also, really like brother sister, he cares so much about bonui but of course not more than je soo ho. I love the character of Je Soo hoo he is so adorkable and has his own charms. Oopa fighting I love thier relationship in this drama. For romcoms, after all the background stories been told, most spectators will go bored as they know what will happen after that. but at least there a happy ending for jun yeol, not like the ending of reply88. I will waiting for your next project Jun Yeol oppa!!! I get hooked until last episodes..good too see this side of rjy..character is lovable... Out of boredom i clicked the first episode, and i cant stop eversince.Also he looks so good with Amy, I think both will make a super duper visual couple. I love how clingy ryu jun yeol as a boyfriend & how to win her heart. But Ryu Jun Yeol deserves the praises as he was the main reason I can't be bored watching this. Will miss the way su ho laugh, the way he hug, the way he look and all his awkwardness. I like him..gladly I decide to continue watching..been awesome ride... I am hoping for a happy ending to our tiger couple♡♡♡ for sure I will miss my craziness watching this aheemmm....thanks for making my life lighter and happier in 1 and half months...week my life back to normal hahahah.... Although, I cant wait to see Lee Jong Suk on his next drama 'W', i am just not ready to part with RJY and HJE.A big part of is based on debunking scientific misconceptions and pseudoscience.Here’s one of my favorites: Sometimes he even debunks personal myths I’ve held, like using Aloe to treat sunburns: All in all, it’s well written, with engaging, interesting characters and an interesting storyline. Things I Think Could Be Better: There is nothing wrong with simple, black and white comics, and I was going to suggest that experimenting with color and more detail might be interesting visually, but then I saw that the most recent comic strip (see featured image above) actually is trying out some coloring/shading, so… The author also does a pretty good job at trying to inform and educate about a variety of topics, without insulting those who hold to the misconceptions he covers.

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