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On August 15, the new user count record was set to 57 users.

which led various implementations of servers and clients to diverge.

They had gotten the program from one of Jarkko's friends, Vijay Subramaniam—the first non-Finnish person to use IRC.

IRC then grew larger and got used on the entire Finnish national network—Funet—and then connected to Nordunet, the Scandinavian branch of the Internet.

The "A-net" (Anarchy net) included a server named eris.

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Forsøger man at downloade chatklienten hos Microsoft, bliver man i dag mødt af en opfordring om at bruge Skype i stedet.I 2012 annoncerede Microsoft, at alle Messenger-brugere ville blive flyttet over på Skype, som firmaet kort forinden havde købt for 50 milliarder kroner.I Danmark og resten af Europa, samt USA blev adgangen til Messenger slukket i begyndelsen af 2013.In Europe and Canada a separate new network was being worked on and in December the French servers connected to the Canadian ones, and in the end of the month, the French and Canadian network was connected to the US one and the network that later came to be called "The Undernet" was born.The "undernetters" wanted to take ircd further in an attempt to make it less bandwidth consumptive and to try to sort out the channel chaos (netsplits and takeovers) that EFnet started to suffer from.

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