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We play this every year at Jordan's annual Christmas party and at his grandma's house on Christmas Eve.

Tell everyone to bring a wrapped gift and give them a price range such as - or -.

Hot Medellin girls are not the sole reason for this rise in tourism to “The City of Eternal Spring”, but it is definitely up there.

Furthermore, I am aware of the underworld of sex tourism in Colombia and I know that there are many strip clubs and brothels in Medellin; however, strippers and prostitutes are not the types of girls that I date, nor is it something I would like to promote, therefore, I will not be referring to that in this post. My situation is a little different than most foreigners here in Colombia.

You could either play to a certain number of points, such as the first team to 25 points wins, or you could play until you run out of pieces of paper in the bowl and count up the total points.

OR you could have the guests come up with the words/phrases.

One person picks a song out of the bowl and has to hum or whistle it to the rest of their team.

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It can be anything you want, but here are some good ones to get you started.Have each person make up 3 or 5 separate ones for the bowl, depending on how many people are participating. You might have to set some ground rules such as no foul language, no vulgarity, etc. Instead of acting out things or phrases that relate to Christmas, you could also act out titles of Christmas Songs.It can be done the exact same way as Christmas Charades. I used some obscure ones because I didn't want all of them to be super easy!You could play it like the charades games, or you could all sit in a circle and have every other person be on the same team (boys vs. Once it's guessed, the person passes the bowl clockwise.If you play that way you can set a time limit of a minute and a half or however long you want to play before the person holding the bowl has to stop. Whichever team is NOT holding the bowl when the timer goes off get's 1 point.

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