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One day, hanging around on set, Anna mentions to Ben that she knows a girl he might like.

All he knows is that everything until about a month ago felt wrong, just offin a way he couldn't quite grasp.

Ostatnio dość często zaglądam na stronki poświęcone Georgie i staram się być na bieżąco... Ostatnio zauważyłam dużo fotek z Williamem w takim stylu:

Nie sądzę, żeby przyjaciele trzymali się za ręce...

After going in twice, the four children go in together for the last time. While after the rumor William dated the American actress Alexa Hamilton in the year It's after the filming of their TRL appearance that Ben puts a stop to it.I've got to -- I've got to break it off with her, haven't I?Gerard Butler was originally going to voice Aslan, but when he auditioned for it, he asked "This isn't going to be like the BBC puppet Aslan, right? See more » There is almost no instance in the movie where we see the faintest bit of blood on the swords despite them causing many deaths.Even when Aslan asks Peter to clean his sword, it is as clean as ever despite having just impaled a fox.

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