High times internet dating

Scammers then initiated correspondence with men pretending to be a single Russian girl looking for a serious relationship.

The plot was a 27-year old virgin who wanted to wait until she finds the right man.

He continued his search and is currently involved with a Ukrainian girl.

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In the next step he found and contacted the Russian Embassy in Australia, numerous Russian based newspapers and then various Russian government agencies, including the much feared Russian Tax Police, sending them the scam details.

The spokesperson for Chelyabinsk police said if it was not for Terry's letter to the President Putin, they could continue scamming men through Internet personals.

A telephone interview with Terry was published in the Sunday issue along with details they received from Moscow, and initiated another wave of talks about Internet marriage scams in Australia.

The scammer gang Terry encountered was started by a husband and a wife, Yuri and Anna Lazarev, Russian citizens.

They used photos of Anna to lure men, and female acquaintances to collect wire transfers.

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