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Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, whose Patanjali group has made a big splash in the FMCG space over the last couple of years, is now preparing ground to challenge the country's well-established players in the fast-growing textile sector.Planning to enter the sector in a big way next year, the yoga guru said that the group will make everything from coats to .Electron-lattice energy exchanges are investigated in gold and silver nanoparticles with sizes ranging from 30 to 2.2 nm embedded in different environments.Femtosecond pump-probe experiments performed in the low-perturbation regime demonstrate a strong increase of the intrinsic electron-phonon interaction for nanoparticles smaller than 10 nm due to a confinement effect.Bhai who is awaiting the release of his latest film Sultan, is busy also with the film's promotions.A recent report in , will be launching a line of 'langots' or loincloth as part of the film’s promotions.

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Application sessions: January, April Application requirements:- Master or Bachelor of 4 years- French proficiency- GMAT, GRE or TAGEMAGE;- TOEFL (except for native speakers or holders of a degree taught in English) required- Online application with 2 online recommendations- Interview Compulsory international exchange. For non-EU students: - application dates are February 19 until April 30- additional fees apply for non-EU students:

Extensive research was carried out before the treatment could even begin and the process took two years.

The treatment was made possible by a generous sponsorship from the Components of an artwork may be inherently unstable and this may require some innovative approaches in order for the artwork to remain exhibitable. , Objects Conservator, Annette Mc Kone, discusses replacement and repair as options for contemporary sculpture.

Although every effort is made to ensure the safety of our collection through preventive conservation, sometimes works in the collection require treatment.

This includes the repair of past damages which may have occurred before we acquired the artworks – tears, cracking, poor restorations, as well as dirt build-up.

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