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There are some panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the business district called The Village at Bay Harbor (A) is a short ride from the trail.

There are good parking and recreational opportunities at both Bay Harbor parks as well as in the Village District with its many amenities.

This 1.4 mile segment was relocated from the highway shoulder and paved with asphalt in the summer and fall of 2008.

The Little Traverse Wheelway is 26 miles of dedicated trail, from downtown Charlevoix to downtown Harbor Springs.

But if a large eruption coincided with the heavy rain season, it is possible that large debris flows could destroy the sites, according to Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce, an Appalachian State University geologist.'Historically, Lengai is capable of large debris flows and debris avalanches that reach the shore of Lake Natron, and these could potentially pose a significant threat to the site and to all of the camps that are here along the lake edge,' she said.'I think that would be my biggest concern for this area—the potential for a debris flow or debris avalanche.'She added that a similar debris avalanche was responsible for preserving the collection of 400 footprints at Engare Sero, which is just nine miles away for the volcano.

Around 19,000 years ago, a wave of volcanic mud created vast mudflats close to Lake Natron.

(4 Miles) West Park’s parking and amenities are located several hundred yards north of the trail on Townline Road but there is a de facto trailhead right on the trail.

This segment consists of five miles of asphalt near US 31.

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