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When Katy Johnson, a former Miss Vermont and Miss Vermont USA in 19 respectively, experienced this horror following an extended encounter with a notorious writer with a pretty decent memory and a remarkable ability to recollect every nuance, if not tongue stroke, she did what any red-blooded American would do. The order contained -- among other constitutionally precarious items -- a prior restraint so broad and ill-considered it is almost certain to be reversed.

Johnsons defense, pre-teen girls are its intended target.

While Tucker Maxs site serves as a blueprint for guys getting laid by people stupid enough to actually fall for unadulterated bullshit or smart enough to not care if getting laid is the prime objective, Katy Johnsons site is a series of aching contradictions, spouted through her cartoons. And if its Tucker Max, shes allegedly choosing to fuck, who has not only a reputation for being a self-centered slut, but actively and shamelessly promotes it; its kind of difficult to prevent the term "nave" from springing to mind. Carey, a lawyer at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan in Miami, represents Mr. "We are shocked and dismayed that the court would issue an injunction without any notice or without any hearing," Mr. Asked if there were at least some parts of the story that were true, he was unable to comment. For someone who brazenly claims to have no respect for authority, Mr.

"Happiness does not depend on circumstances or men! Carey said in a telephone interview with for this article. Carey also plans to contest the jurisdiction as well. He was surprisingly unaware of the battery charge contained in the original filing, and was not sure how far Ms. Max took great pains to ensure that everything communicated to me was within keeping with the stipulations outlined in the court order, and would not say anything on record that could be considered a violation.

His mother called him having herself received a phone call from a Palm Beach Post reporter seeking comment on the restraining order imposed on her son. Johnsons Fort Lauderdale based attorney, Michael I.

Santucci, had been circulated, hailing the restraining order a "victory" that "should send a clear message to all parasitic smut peddlers who live off the good names of others." An article in The New York Times this week called him a cad, she a beauty queen.

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