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Outdoor Parisian style cafes are to be found everywhere in Morocco, and from here you can watch the world go by as you wake up.

Poor hygiene, loads of sleazy people out to take you for whatever they can, hustlers, decrepit bars, beggars, prostitutes and secret police, make Casablanca yet another boil on the butt of civilisation.

When I tried to intercede in the matter, one of the lads said, “Better you say nothing.

Chefchaouen was to be my home base for the next couple of weeks.

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My destination Chefchaouen (pronounced Tchefshawun), a small town in the Rif mountains, about a hundred and twenty kilometres from Ketama, and well within the hash manufacturing belt of the Rif.We also offer discrete CC or Telephone billing options and broadcast from 15 channel's so you always have a great choice of smoking hot babes to chat sexy with.Enjoy live webcam sex with sexy shemales and trannies.on the net and you won't have a problem finding whatever you're after as it has tons of hot various categories.Why wasn’t anyone scrambling to take my bag from me, or offering to get me a taxi, in the hope of making a few extra Dirhams.

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