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It is not made clear whether the world in which Blumiere's father lived was restored following the destruction of the Chaos Heart at the end of the game; since the dimension was apparently destroyed before The Void was opened, it is unknown as to whether the wedding of Blumiere and Timpani would have been capable of restoring it to normal.Thus, the ultimate fate of Blumiere's father and the other members of the Tribe of Darkness remains unknown.Agent O (can also be called Secret Agent O) is an implied secret agent in The Super Mario Bros. "A gossip-loving Toad" is a character who posts scribbles on the back side of the notice board in Toad Town during the events of Paper Mario.This character's posts are mainly gossips about Princess Peach.

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When he finds out that this is a hoax, he files a request at the Trouble Center.Blumiere's father (or Count Bleck's Father) was a member of the Tribe of Darkness and the father of Blumiere, also known as Count Bleck.Little is known about the father, and he is only mentioned in a few of Blumiere's backstory segments in Super Paper Mario.Bluster is occasionally heard speaking with her on a mobile phone.Bob is a crow from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, who is mentioned in his wife Maude's conversation with Flo after Doopliss is defeated.

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