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These events had a profound impact upon Xi Chuan, whose own poetry took a radically different turn in the 1990s.

In works such as Salute (Zhijing, 1992) and Discourse of an Eagle (Ying de huay, 1999), he experiments with various hybrid forms of prose and poetry to convey what he now calls a pseudo-philosophy (wei zhexue), inquiring into the absurdities and previously overlooked dark shadows of history, human consciousness and reason.

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Xi Chuan studied in the English Department of Peking University from 1981 to 1985 and became a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in the 1990s.

The period bone ends were added to complete the scroll.

This has its period box to hold this wonderful find. Born in KAGA clan (ISHIKAWA) 1840 seal Portrait of a Quince.

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His early poems, such as Gazing into the Starry Sky at Haergai (Zai Haergai yangwang xingkong, 1986), are short, lyrical and meditative, even sublime.

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His early death prevented him from becoming more widely known and from becoming as famous as Matsumura Keibun and Okamoto Toyohiko, the other two most prominent members of the Shij school.

He also paintedin the style of the Maruyama-Shijō school, whose founder Maruyama ōkyo (1737-95) had developed a new, naturalistic style to depict, among many other subjects, genre scenes of the urban life of Kyoto.

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