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This facilitated the creation of uncensored political leagues and trade unions.

The Baltic fleet arrived from its ling trip around the world, only to suffer the most severe and humiliating defeat of its history at Tsushima.Borodino class battlecruiser artist impression This first naval plan naturally foresaw the integration of Dreadnoughts battleships, but also battle cruisers, which would make Russia the third country to dispose of it after the British and German fleets, and while Japan was preparing to make even.Each squadron had to count no fewer than eight dreadnoughts, four battle cruisers, nine cruisers and 36 destroyers, but the draft, which was submitted to the Duma vote, was nevertheless restricted to a single Baltic squadron which ultimately did not pass the law Subsequent funding.The Bosnian crisis however allowed the Tsat to raise a budget of 12 million rubles for this program, but the strengthening of the weak squadron of the Pacific was forbidden to concentrate on the German threat and the central empires.A war against a Japanese fleet now almost twice as powerful as in 1905 would have been disastrous.

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