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The only thing that distinguished this operation from any other industrial dairy was the organic certification of the pesticides sprayed on the feed grains that were eventually given to the cows. Be that as it may, the theory is that, because of reduced exposure to pesticides, herbicides and other toxins on the feed, organic dairy is less contaminated than conventional dairy. But there is one little thing that takes the shine off butter, and it’s called .

Grassfed dairy cows, like grassfed beef cows, graze only on pasture and dried forage and are therefore added toxic chemicals in their diet. Fat is like the body’s savings account for building up a nice stash of terrible toxins.

The grass fed butter was noticeably darker and more deeply yellow than the conventional butter.

The photo below doesn’t actually capture how different the color was in person. I asked my husband and daughter to weigh in with opinions on which butter they preferred.

My sister, a professional animal scientist specializing in dairy breeding, once described to me the facilities at a major () organic dairy she toured.

The cows walked around on bare dirt and were fed grain from troughs.

So, which delicious slab of saturated fat was delicious?The KS organic was .99 for 2 pounds, or .99 per pound.I know some people have a problem with Kerrygold (hello, environmental impact of butter from Ireland!Most people who seek out organic dairy do so because they believe it to be healthier, both for the planet and for the end-consumer.I’d guess that who seeks out grassfed dairy thinks they are buying a healthier product.

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