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Note: For the best experience with the electronic form, use Chrome as your browser.Supervisors: Submit Performance Evaluations to HR by March 31.Peace, Herringchoke Loretta Murray Anegwaba natiao: Greetings on behalf of the Council and Chiefs Cibanakan and Boriwex of the Taino Nation. We would like permission to link to our website at the good work. Told Father of Great-Grand Ma Hester was Full a Full Blooded Chief; Told her Sister and I, our tribe was, sounds-like "ker-ee-ow-see"; 6hrs before Mom transitioned (1999,91 yrs)she did a ?? w/Flowers, centered on her while lying in bed; I held Vase); Chanted & made circular motions around the flowers; Kept asking "seeds" looked okay on her face; practiced her "coffin pose"; why???You can''t leave this world and enter the next "looking any kind of way"; NOW, WHO AM I???The Powhatan Nation was instrumental in saving my great grandfather's life (Robert Pollard Holmes)and once he joined the settlement, he married my great grandmother who was of either the Cherokee or Pamunkey/Mattaponi tribes. I am cherokee indian and my grandfather Walter Kenova Bradby use to be Chief before he passed away. We visited family in Front Royal; Tappahanock/Rappahanock; Grand Dad's Brother married Grand Mother's Sister; Dad's double-first cousin, Augustine Willis married Mom's Aunt, Viola Clarke.If anyone knows the Holmes name, please contact me via e-mail. Mother: Pearl Borum Willis,(daughter-Ferdinand Borum & Pearl Mae Clark(e)Borum, Grand-daughter of Hester "Grandma Easter" Hobday & Elias Clarke.

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All of this took place in Monteau county, Missouri.

Always Told repeatedly, I was/am the Matriarchal Heir Apparent; Reminded me of my role, before she transitioned; SO, What does that mean???? Clarke(3 other daughters had boys); Would Like to know the names of Great Grand Ma Hester's Father & Mother???

Fmaily Sur Names include: Borum, Clark(e), Hobday, Smith, Brown(e), Willis, Carter, Cook(e), Daniels, Fox I have not paid attention to the plight of the First People until 2 years ago when I attended a conference called Bridging the Americas held in Pensacola, FL.

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